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All-in-one-Crypto Offer (CPA Payment Plan)

You receive a fixed fee for every approved Qualified Trader* who trades on a live account and who has registered via web terminal. The fee depends on a qualified trader’s country of residence.

Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus200$
Taiwan, Malaysia200$
Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Ecuador, Paraguay, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Brazil250$
Estonia, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, Norway, SwitzerlandTEMPORARY  N/A
Rest of the World (except USA, Russia, Australia, Canada, Japan, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guyana, Iraq, Lao PDR, Vanuatu, Uganda, Syria, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, North Korea, Sudan, North Korea, Syrian Arab Republic (Syria), Burundi, Lebanon, Tunisia, Central African Republic, Libya, Yemen, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Mali, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Myanmar, Guinea, Nicaragua, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Somalia, Iran, Islamic Republic of South Sudan, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Algeria,Bolivia,Caribbean Netherlands,Central African Republic,Cuba,Indonesia, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Laos, Macao,Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Palestine (particularly, Gaza Strip), Serbia, , Syrian Arab Republic (Syria), Venezuela)150$


*Qualified Trader is a person who has registered via a web terminal and whose net deposits (which is all the deposited money minus all the withdrawn money) have amounted to at least 100 USD; who has started trading and generated at least 20 USD of Gross Revenue* for the company.

*Gross Revenue is the commission revenue generated by your referred traders who have registered in the All-in-one-Crypto terminal without any Bonuses or chargebacks.